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7 Reasons Why Children Need Braces?

7 Reasons Why Children Need Braces?

1. Crooked Teeth

If your child has twisted or crowded teeth, take this as a sign that your small one needs braces. Your child’s crooked teeth may be due to the mouth being too small for the teeth. This shorter size can crowd the teeth, causing them to move and go out of their appropriate places.

2. Thumb Sucking Habit

Thumb sucking is a common habit among children. Most will stop by the time they get to the age of about three. However, 14% of four-year-old kids keep the habit.

Unfortunately, thumb sucking causes permanent dental damage. It can raise the risk of malocclusion, including overbites and crossbites. When this occurs, the teeth will get misaligned.

If your little one has a history of thumb sucking, it’s best to bring them to a pediatric orthodontist in Mineola. This way, our orthodontist can check for any early signs of malocclusions.

3. Gaps Between the Teeth

Thumb sucking can even result in your kid having gapped between teeth. The sucking action can pull the front teeth inward or maybe forward. As the teeth move, they leave spaces between each other.

Gapped teeth can also be due to teeth that are too little for the jaw bone. Since the jaw bone is too large, the teeth can grow out with too much gap between them. To solve this oral issue children’s braces can help close these gaps and get the teeth together.

4. The Upper Teeth Overlap the Lower Ones

This oral situation is called an overbite. An extreme overbite makes the upper teeth sit too far ahead of the lower teeth. It can also happen because of thumb-sucking habits or your child’s upper jaw bone is much bigger than the lower one.

5. The Lower Teeth Overlaps the Upper Ones

This is a situation called underbite, it happens when the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth. Thumb sucking is also another possible reason. Prolonged use of a bottle or pacifier can also be the reason for this type of malocclusion.

An underbite can make it more difficult for your child to chew. It puts more strain on their jaw and teeth, resulting in discomfort & pain. Before the pain gets any worse, bring your child to the orthodontist in Mineola.

6. Jaws that Make Strange Noises

Has your little one whined about clicking sounds from the jaw? If so, then schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in Mineola right away. These sounds may, later on, cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Braces can help correct issues with the jaw and help in preventing TMDs.

7. Cheek Biting

Regular unwilling cheek biting can also be a sign of jaw misalignment. Because the jaws aren’t aligned, the upper or lower teeth can bite down too close to one side of the mouth. It can lead to oral injuries and infection.

Orthodontist In Mineola

If you think your kid may have any of the above oral issues you should not delay anymore & start looking for an ‘orthodontist near me. If you live in Mineola visit Luccarelli & Barrese Orthodontics, their orthodontists can provide the orthodontic treatment of braces for your kid to have better oral health. Call (516) 746-3204 today to book your appointment.


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