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We had a bracket come off during dinner and Dr Luccarelli and Barrese were able to see us the same day in the evening. We may have been late due to construction on the main road but they assured us they would not leave until we were seen! Definitely a fantastic practice and we are very grateful especially as working parents!
- L JA

iTero® Scanner

Do you need impressions taken and want to skip the goop? At Luccarelli and Barrese Orthodontics, we use iTero – a digital impression system. This scanner takes an accurate impression of the teeth and jaw without any putty being required. It is more accurate than traditional impressions and results in a better experience all around.

See how iTero works

Sprintray 3D Printing

Our office utilizes a 3D printer to produce the most accurate models and appliances possible. This technology provides extremely precise appliances and retainers that will fit better, and work better than any other technique. With the iTero 3D scanner and Sprintray 3D printer, we have been able to completely eliminate uncomfortable and inaccurate goopy impressions that have been used in orthodontics for decades. The Sprintray 3D printer provides a more comfortable and precise orthodontic treatment, and will greatly improve your overall orthodontic experience.

3D X-Ray

Our doctors believe that more precise information enables better results. With the use of a cone beam scanner, we’re able to get more detailed information than a traditional panorex or x-ray, with a fraction of the radiation of older x-ray machines. We use the incredible detail from our scans to create more precise treatment plans while delivering far less radiation.

Laser Treatment

By using a specialized orthodontic laser, we can safely and effectively remove excess gum tissue in order to expose more of the tooth’s surface for better aesthetics and function.

Ideal Bracket Placement

If your gums haven’t receded properly, or if a tooth is erupting slower than expected, a laser can be used to remove excess tissue and reveal enough tooth surface to place a bracket.

Impacted Teeth

Impactions refer to teeth that haven’t erupted properly through the gums. By using laser treatment, we can assist a tooth’s eruption without the need to wait months for the tooth to erupt on its own, or to refer to an an expensive surgical procedure.

Aesthetic Gingival Recontouring

Aesthetic gingival recontouring is a procedure to reshape the gum line to improve the aesthetics of your smile by exposing more of your teeth. If the gum line is uneven, aesthetic gingival recontouring can also sculpt the gum line to produce a more symmetrical, balanced smile.


Temporary anchorage devices, more commonly called TADs, are titanium anchors that we can use in some cases to move teeth faster. We use these with braces to speed up treatment or as an alternative to wearing headgear.


First, we administer a strong local anesthetic so that the gum tissue and jaw are numb. Once numbness takes effect, the doctor will push the TAD though the gum tissue and anchor it into the jawbone. The process is quick, and gentler than you would imagine it could be. Within about a day, the patient will adjust to it being there and no longer notice it. Removal is just as quick and easy.


AcceleDent is a lightweight, comfortable device that you can use hands-free. You use it for just 20 minutes a day and can go about chores and other tasks while wearing it. Using precision-calibrated micropulses, tooth movement is gently accelerated. With this device, tooth movement can be sped up by 50 percent, and it is completely safe to use.


PROPEL is a state-of-the-art technology that accelerates tooth movement. While results vary from patient to patient, it can help get orthodontic treatment time to finish up in less than a year.

PROPEL is designed to work with your biology to stimulate the bones and tissues around the teeth, allowing them to facilitate faster movement. We complete the PROPEL treatment in-office, so you do not need to worry about managing another device at home. It needs no recovery time and is comfortable.

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People love us on google
301 google reviews