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I highly recommend Dr. Lucarelli and Barrese’s orthodontics office. My two children have very difficult situations with their teeth and bites and have been seeing Dr. Lucarelli for years. The staff is always warm and friendly and go out of their way to help with anything. Dr. Lucarelli has gone above and beyond for both my children to figure out the best way to treat their difficult orthodontic needs. The office is always perfectly clean and comfortable.
- Jessica Oxenham
While braces were once a rite of passage, now they are seen as a hindrance to adolescent lifestyle. We offer teens plenty of options that will make them feel confident in the way they look, both in person and online!

Having straight teeth and a functional bite sets the stage for lifelong oral health. When teenagers love their smile, it also gives them the confidence they need to tackle challenges, build relationships and achieve their dreams. However, with school, activities, friends and family, we know you and your teen are busy. That’s why we have teeth-straightening solutions that will give your child outstanding results more quickly and conveniently.

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While instinct might say to try to hide braces, another option is to lean into them and go bold. In fact, we love this for photos posted on social media. Using traditional metal braces, patients can opt for colored bands that make them pop and even special brackets that come in cool shapes. Why hide when you can make a statement?


Why do braces need to be on the front of the teeth? They don’t! Braces can be placed on the backs of teeth as well, hiding them from sight. We call these lingual braces and many teens like to have them.


Finally, we offer Invisalign Teen, which is a braces alternative system that is completely invisible to those around you. They are comfortable and convenient as well. Many teens love having Invisalign, and you probably will too.
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People love us on google
301 google reviews