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If you’re looking for a camera-ready smile and top-notch practice this is the place to go!! This office came highly recommended and we’re so happy it did. They provide many extras above and beyond the usual orthodontic experience and we left there completely satisfied with their services and my son’s new smile. Dr. Lucarelli and Dr. Barrese as well as the entire staff are knowledgeable, caring and as an extra bonus have great sense of humors. The office itself is clean, modern and comes with many extra amenities like a game room, coffee and refreshment bar and endless interesting sports memorabilia to view. Now my daughter is ready for braces and this is no doubt where we will bring her.
- D Mungo

For getting the smile of your dreams, you need to visit an orthodontist who makes it a reality. Rejuvenate your oral health with our orthodontic services and be amazed!

Who We Help


Orthodontists believe detecting early signs of oral health issues among children is very important. It helps to ensure the prevention of cavities and gum health issues that are pretty common. 


With teenagers, the craving for chocolates and ice cream increases. It is hence important to ensure that your teens’ teeth are not affected by it at all & stay healthy. 


It’s never too late to start with your oral health concerns, but prevention is better than cure. Adults are also in need of an orthodontist to make sure their oral health severity does not become a problem.

Services Glen Cove Orthodontists Provide


If you are suffering from misaligned teeth, which have worsened your eating patterns, then braces are the best solution for you. We offer you metal. ceramic and lingual braces, each designed to suit the nature of your dental health. Having braces provide you with plenty of benefits:

  • It helps you enhance your appearance
  • Braces reduce your chances of dental injuries
  • Prevents bone erosion after tooth loss
  • It helps you improve your speech


Glen Cove orthodontist provides Invisalign services because we know it will help you take care of your oral hygiene even better. If you want to straighten your teeth using a discreet way, you need Invisalign. They are the best way to prevent misaligned teeth from affecting your facial appearance. It further provides you with the benefit of faster treatment, which happens as it moves your teeth in a shorter duration. 

Dentofacial Orthopedics 

Dedicated to your kids, dentofacial orthopedics help in guiding the improvement of your kid’s facial bones. If your kid has a jaw injury, dentofacial orthopedics will help greatly in reforming your kid’s facial appearance. 

Glen Cove Orthodontists For Your Oral Health

At Lucarelli & Barrese Orthodontics, our Glen Cove orthodontists believe that it is their utmost duty to transform every patient’s oral health, and that is our sole purpose. The state-of-the-art dental technology that our dental professionals provided to our patients helps in getting the best treatment. Orthodontists in Glen Cove are on a journey to make your dental visit experience the most pleasant. 

If you are looking for unique solutions to crooked oral health for you and your family, then Glen Cove orthodontists are here at your service. Come visit us, we can help you in getting straight teeth or the smile that you always wanted. 

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People love us on google
193 google reviews