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If you’re looking for a camera-ready smile and top-notch practice this is the place to go!! This office came highly recommended and we’re so happy it did. They provide many extras above and beyond the usual orthodontic experience and we left there completely satisfied with their services and my son’s new smile. Dr. Lucarelli and Dr. Barrese as well as the entire staff are knowledgeable, caring and as an extra bonus have great sense of humors. The office itself is clean, modern and comes with many extra amenities like a game room, coffee and refreshment bar and endless interesting sports memorabilia to view. Now my daughter is ready for braces and this is no doubt where we will bring her.
- D Mungo

We firmly believe that the utmost goal of orthodontic treatment is to help you achieve a healthy bite. Enjoy your life with a good smile and the good vibe that you deserve!

Who We Help


Your kid’s oral health is important. Starting their treatment at an early age is significant to look for further problems in their dental health. 


Teenagers always want to look good and their smile plays an important role. Help them gain confidence with that bright smile on their face. 


Once you reach adulthood, treating your oral health becomes a necessity. Don’t make it a necessity but a responsibility for better oral health. 

Services Our Jericho Orthodontics Offer

Surgical Orthodontics

Simply put, surgical orthodontics is your last resort for treating severe orthodontic problems. Opting for this surgery helps you to address bad bites, alongside treating abnormalities of the jawbone and malocclusion. There are varied steps involved in surgical orthodontics, which help you to deal with your issues of dental health. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons will perform your jaw surgery that is based on the degree of correction needed. Once the recuperation period is over, the orthodontist will help you improve your bite. 


If your teeth are misaligned or overlapping, you need braces immediately. You may also treat your dental health issues and get rid of malocclusions with its help. We offer the following braces:

  • Metal braces for you and your family that are separately packaged.
  • With ceramic braces, you can receive invisible braces because they are less noticeable and produce great results.
  • Since lingual braces are attached to your back teeth, they are virtually unnoticeable. Your teeth’s digital impressions are used to create it.


At present, Invisalign is by far the most beneficial solution to misaligned or crooked teeth. It encourages your oral health and offers the following perks:

  • Invisalign reduces the chances of any orthodontic emergency 
  • There is no need for frequent dental visits, as it requires minimal monitoring once administered. 
  • Using our Invisalign will help you get better oral hygiene

Jericho Orthodontics Offers Customized Treatments Just For You

Your dental health is our topmost priority. With our top-notch services, our team of skilled dental professionals is dedicated to helping you get the perfect smile that you need. We believe in the ideology of delivering care and comfort of the highest grade so that you don’t feel afraid of visiting an orthodontist anymore. 

Consult with our dental professionals at Luccarelli & Barrese Orthodontics, where we deliver you the most beautiful smile. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to embark on a journey for good oral health and healthy gums. 


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People love us on google
301 google reviews