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Syosset Braces

If you’re looking for a camera-ready smile and top-notch practice this is the place to go!! This office came highly recommended and we’re so happy it did. They provide many extras above and beyond the usual orthodontic experience and we left there completely satisfied with their services and my son’s new smile. Dr. Lucarelli and Dr. Barrese as well as the entire staff are knowledgeable, caring and as an extra bonus have great sense of humors. The office itself is clean, modern and comes with many extra amenities like a game room, coffee and refreshment bar and endless interesting sports memorabilia to view. Now my daughter is ready for braces and this is no doubt where we will bring her.
- D Mungo

Imagine looking into the mirror with crooked teeth- your self-confidence drops in an instant. Syosset braces are here at your rescue. Connect with us for more information. 

Improve Your Teeth Alignment With Custom Braces

Braces work based on applying imminent pressure on the jawline. This helps in restoring the alignment of teeth largely. Having straight teeth and an aligned jaw is considered to be an important factor for your appearance overall. The glued brackets of the braces hold the archwire in place. In this way, you are able to restore your smile with braces. 

At Luccarelli & Barrese Orthodontics, our Syosset braces offer you plenty of benefits. Our team of experienced dental officials is here to help you get that smile of your dreams. The braces that they provide are based on the needs and requirements of their patients so as to help them reform their oral health effectively. 

Benefits Of Syosset Braces

When you hear the term braces, it is likely that you think of having straightened teeth. This further helps you to refer to your smile in every possible way. Having Syosset braces tend to come with a plethora of benefits:

  • Having proper braces help in the alleviation of speech impairment, which often occurs due to crooked teeth. 
  • Misaligned teeth often lead to bone erosion, which harms your oral health largely. However, having perfectly-fit braces prevents you from this. 
  • Needless to say, braces overall aid in improving oral health and give you a boost in your self-confidence, which you were finding all this time.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are regarded as the safest way of permanently straightening your teeth. Although there are other alternatives to crooked teeth, the results derived from braces are considered to be the most effective. Braces tend to incorporate pressure on your teeth, with the help of an archwire to put your misaligned teeth in place. The overall process takes over a year to get the best results. 

When To Get Braces?

This however varies from person to person. Getting braces does not have any age to be precise. You need to get it when your situation is critical and needs urgent attention. The suitable time to get braces is in your teens, preferably between ages 10-14. However, adults also tend to opt for braces when their teeth alignment becomes improper after a certain period of time. 

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If you are interested in getting braces for your misaligned teeth, Syosset braces have everything you need. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with our experienced orthodontists. Here’s your chance to enhance your facial expression with the help of Syosset braces. 

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People love us on google
301 google reviews